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comsomer 02-14-2004 08:13 AM

NE4100-compilatable PC-Card Net Adapter says 'Unsupported'
Hi all.
Just bought a old Thinkpad-560X, I installed Slack9.0 on it. Only 'a' and 'n' series are installed now to save space:)
I have a Japan-made PCMCIA Adapter which is NE4100-compilitable(sorry but i forgot the spelling) PC-card. It works fine on Windows98 SE Simplified Chinese and English version will the driver of NE4100 Infomover.
And I booted linux with that card in, cardmgr says:
Slot 0: empty(it IS empty:))
Slot 1: unsupported card
I can't use rp-pppoe for my PPPoE connection at home, and ifconfig tells me just a loopback connection.
I had tried /etc/.../pcmcia/network, but it's no use:( and vied ./network.opt
Anyone can help me?

comsomer 02-14-2004 08:15 AM

As I had never used a laptop before, my description my be inaccurate:(

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