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j_kamal 11-10-2005 01:58 AM

Multibooting with Linux on Laptop
I have four partitions of 10 GB each on the 40 GB HDD of my laptop with 512 MB RAM, I have installed Win XP-SP2 and Win 2003 Server Standard Edition on C: and D: drives respectively, the other drives are designated as E: and F: and all partions are NTFS. I also tried to install Red Hat Linux 9.0 on one of the partitions after installing windows.
The installation of Linux (LILO BOOT LOADER AND GRUB ALSO IN MY SECOND TRY) goes on smoothly and the OS also indicates successful 'POST INSTALLATION CONFIGURATION' at the end of the process. However, when the system is rebooted I don't find LILO or grub. I have configured the boot loader on the MBR. Please help.

Similar system is working perfectly on my desktop with Win ME, 2K, XP and
Red Hat Linux 9.0 on four partitions respectively.


saikee 11-10-2005 02:29 AM

RH9 can be booted by the installation CD. List here the content of

fdisk -l

RH9 should format your nominated partition to Ext2 or Ext3 and it needs another partition for Swap.

j_kamal 11-10-2005 02:34 AM

Yah of course !
I formatted the partition as ex2 first and then only the installation of the Linux OS began. I also configured the SWAP partition as 400 MB but all this to no avail.

saikee 11-10-2005 03:53 AM

Can you quantify if your RH9 has been installed in a usable form (so that it has a kernel and can run in command shell if booted up by the installation CD or another Linux) but only unbootable by itself?

Can you list out the following

/boot/grub/menu.lst if you specified Grub or
/etc/lilo.conf if you opted for Lilo

In whichever way we still need to have a knowledge of your partition scheme from the content of

fdisk -l

which hasn't been provided.

Pressumably your other M$ systems are in working order using the original MBR.

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