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Timmi 03-16-2010 10:36 PM

Mouse / Touchpad problem with EasyPeasy 1.6 / Leeenux 2.0 on Asus eee pc 900sd
Netbook: Asus eee pc 900sd (shipped with XP)
Operating systems: EasyPeasy 1.6 (and Leeenux 2.0 a slimmed easypeasy)
Problem: Touchpad VERY difficult to use.

When trying to select even large items, like an icon or a tab (sections on the left or right), the mouse either doesn't move, when trying to move it slowly, or it jumps into action and overshoots the target.

What has been done: I have tried playing with the Sensitivity and Acceleration settings, and the touchpad is difficult to use under any settings. The only settings that sort of work, is setting it to maximum sensitivity and acceleration way low, but in that mode, you need to stroke the touchpad half a dozen times each time you need to go across the screen... I don't even need such precision when doing autoCAD on my core2duo's large screen!

OTHER operating systems work just fine with this netbook:
Jolicloud "pre-beta", LinuxMint 8, antiX, and WindowsXP all give perfect touchpad control.

Are there any fixes for this? I really like the EasyPeasy OS, and the slimmer Leeenux even more.

Perhaps in programmers'/developers' eyes, this may just be a minute, insignificant utility/driver... but it is of such paramount importance in the ergonomics and human interface, that it can totally ruin the experience of an otherwise good distro.

Shaine 04-07-2010 02:20 AM

Sorry you've had no replies :(
No luck loading the elantech driver for the track pad?

The developer of Pupeee knows a lot about the Asus eee and it's drivers, she's very helpful and you might want to try Pupeee as well. Good luck!

Maybe ask a question here:

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