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cheater1034 05-25-2005 04:31 PM

Midori on GATEWAY aol thing...
a friend got this gateway thing, which is basically a teeny crap box, with a wireless keyboard.

I have a CF card, and need to get midori, or mobilelinux installed.

I extract midor, tar -zxvf midori-1.0.0-beta2
then I do configure, make webconfig
then i try make, make

and it gives this following error.

You need to set umask to 022 to build this system!
make: *** [check] Error 1
I know what umask is, im not that dumb, but i nano the files, etc/fstab.ext2, and etc/fstab.cramfs, and I set the option, defaults, umask=022

and it still gives the same error.

Now I never did anything with a mobile linux before, so maybe that may be part of the problem :newbie:

I'm compiling it on a gentoo system, then copying over to cf drive, in order to install on gateway crap.

He got his touchpad aol for $44, it is worth $600!, unbelieveable, all it is is a touchscreen lcd, and wireless mini keyboard, but who would pay $$$ for a mini pc that can only run aol. :D

cheater1034 05-25-2005 07:51 PM

Also I forgot to post, here is where i got the O/S, and it is also product information...

Product :

O/S :

I downloaded, Midori 1.1-Beta3 Transverse

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