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gmuturi 04-23-2009 07:36 AM

lost task bar in acer aspire one using xfce
hi everybody,
my task bar disappeared as i was making some adjustments to the look of the comp,i'm using the linpus lite system on the acer aspire one which uses the xfce system
Is there any way that i can get the task bar back,appreciate all your help

bitpicker 04-23-2009 07:42 AM

If the task bar in that system is an XFce panel, you should open a terminal (you can probably do that by right-clicking the desktop, then choosing Accessories -> Terminal if it's XFce) and there enter the command xfce4-panel.

That should re-establish a lost panel if it got closed. Don't close the terminal, or you'll lose the panel again; simply log out and back on while saving the session (there might be a checkbox for that in the log out dialog). The terminal will open again but this time around you can close it and the panel will remain.

If that doesn't work it is possible you have somehow set the number of panels to 0. XFce has a general settings dialog, in which you can adjust settings for the panel, and you should re-set the number to 1. The standard panel should re-appear then.


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