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lindis68 06-30-2006 02:08 AM

Linux on older laptop - i recommend ! SuSe
I have an older laptop hp omnibook 7100 64mb ram + 64 ext ram. ati rage pro graphics - 1024x768 32 ..
soundblaster pro compatible soundcard.
"that works with the asound sb8 driver"
belkin wireless pcmcia card using "rt2500 driver"

i first tried many distros - non was easy to install
and didnt work so good ..

Now i run SuSe 10.0 OSS
and it works like a dream on this old laptop ..even
got sound working .. :D and so much easier to install
compared to other distros ..

its about double fast in booting compared to win2k pro
that i had first on it and half as slow to work in now ..

so its pretty fast .. compared how it was before ..

i recommend SuSe ..

musicman_ace 06-30-2006 04:58 AM

congrats on getting it working

lindis68 06-30-2006 06:23 AM

thanks musicman_ace .. yes its soo nice

Originally Posted by musicman_ace
congrats on getting it working

And now i have mp3 function on it ...
i got xine working so i can play vcd movies ..

its just great .. and its running so smoothly with only
128 ram - but i ordered 128 extra ram today ..:twocents:
perhaps that will speed it up a bit more ..

would be nice to have better graphics tough - nividia chip ..
its a bit to old ati rage pro ..

but thanks m8 .. :D

FerkoPica 06-30-2006 11:11 AM

try use slackware or gentooo -> it's faster...

lindis68 07-03-2006 01:47 AM

Probably is .. faster after and if you get it installed and working..

Originally Posted by FerkoPica
try use slackware or gentooo -> it's faster...

But as i mentioned and the whole point was - SuSe installs the distro easily
and without any problems.

So the whole thing is for someone that are not an super linux quiz expert ..
and dont wanna spend 9.5 month´s trying to get sound , graphics e.t.c to work
properly .. i absolutely recommend SuSe for those who are more or less Newbies
in the linux environment.. :scratch:
Its hard enough to move from Mswin 2k or xp to any linux environment ,
Belive me .. It is .. Just to find or install a program and gettin it working in linux is a real brain disorder ..So i fully understand if someone tries to use linux and goes back into mswin ..
But i will NOT - i dont like Mswin never have and never will ..

Slackware or Gentoo is probably faster AFTER u get it working on the machine..
but for me SuSe is fast enough absolutely much much faster than any MS windows
Os ..

I upgraded the laptop from 128 to 288 mb ram and its a hell of difference ..
now it is even faster than after first installation .. so im very happy about
this distro..

Grets /Lindis

drkstr 07-04-2006 01:04 AM

Suse is a great newbie distro, use this if you want ease. It can be a bit bloated though. If you want speed, use slackware or gentooo.

Congrats on getting Suse working though. Installing any Linux distro puts you worlds apart from the average computer user.

Have fun with Linux!

nightcrawler 07-04-2006 07:44 AM

Why don't you try Vector Linux (Slackware based)?
I have a very old compaq and it works like a charm, veryvery fast competing with modern machines. I think it's a possibility to take in mind...:)

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