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npc 09-27-2005 02:21 PM

Linux friendly notebook/laptop
Hi there, fellows.

I'm about to buy a laptop, hopefully a AMD Turion-non-Sis-based one, and i'm getting quite desperate about those incompatibility issues i've read about all over the net. So i wonder if it's possible to find a laptop that fits into the following characteristics:

1. Budget laptop, less than $1000,00 (US dollars)
2. AMD Turion/Sempron mobile processor
3. Fully functional VGA (I'd love to have some nvidia stuff) 2D and 3D
5. 14' (widescreen) or 15' LCD TFT.
6. Available for customers in the USA (I'm brazilian but i could get some from the US much easier than from Europe or Japan).
7. Fully linux compatible or at least not linux hostile, like those Compaqs with broadcom wireless stuff and useless multimedia cards. If i'm wrong and compaq/hp is not linux hostile, please let me know!

Once i almost bought a Compaq from the v2000z series... i dunno what to buy now. I'm not affraid to edit confs, recompile the kernel over and over again and hack around to get the work done. I'm seriously planning on using Gentoo and spend weeks to make all functional, that's not a problem really.


xpucto 09-28-2005 07:22 AM

Generally speaking, I think that IBM and DELL are quite "linux friendly" just because they donī t use any exotic componant but mostly high quality stuffs.

For more infos have a look at:
or here:


npc 09-28-2005 10:34 AM

Thank you. I found out that my father has a friend in Japan and he is coming back to Brazil for a few weeks of vacation next month. Do you think I could get such a notebook from Japan, I mean cheaper than US stuff and still usebla (no japanese keyboard and stuff)?


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