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edong23 07-17-2005 11:53 AM

lilo bios check takes forever...
i got a piece of $h17 hp pavilion dv1000 model laptop, by the way i am boycotting hp- please join me- they informed me on the phone that i voided my warrenty when i put linux on it- and have proprietary hardware so that i cannot use the 150 dollar wireless card that is atheros based for linux compatibility- just generaly it is a piece, anyway sorry about that.. i can handle the other stuff for now, and this isnt a huge deal either i guess, but on every computer i got (which is about 12) when i hit enter in teh lilo prompt a series of dots shoots across the bottom of the boot prompt like a speeding bullet. then the kernel boots. but on my laptop, it takes nearly 30 seconds for the dots to get done. it says something about bios check.....

anyway, like i said it isnt a huge deal, but if there is a way to either fix it, or dissable it, or make it cache it... or something so that it wont take so long to boot up.

edong23 07-17-2005 11:55 AM

do you think grub would do the same thing... i am not religious about using lilo.. so if it would help ill try it...

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