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AwesomeMachine 07-13-2018 01:17 AM

Lenovo W530 Laptop External Monitor Problems
I read extensively online about problems getting the Lenovo W530 to recognize an external monitor connected to either the mini display port or the VGA output.

The W530 is one of the most popular lappies ever. So, if someone has personal experience getting an external monitor to work by some reasonable method, please chime in.

Search-engine foo uncovered only overly complex, hit-or-miss methods from days gone by. I'm just wondering if the situation has changed since 2016.

I checked out the model before purchasing it, and several well-written blog posts reported that it works 100% with Linux. The thing is, I want this machine to just sit with an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, long enough that it would go through a few major version upgrades.

My understanding is the VGA port is connected only to the onboard nVidia GPU--which is OK--but it's potentially a lot of rigmarole to actually make the nVidia proprietary driver work with openGL on this machine.

I don't want to jump through hoops of fire every time I upgrade the distro. So, I'd rather put it back on eBay if there's no easy fix.

a4z 07-14-2018 11:33 AM

the VGA does just work, also with no nvidia driver installed, does so on my t430
but how you activate it might depend on the driver setup you have, and it's also useful to know which distribution you use.

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