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Chronothread 09-10-2007 06:20 PM

Laptop Boot From CD Problems
I have a very old laptop (Sony PCG-70) on which I have recently been trying to install Puppy Linux. However, the computer will not boot from the CD. The CD is fine. I've made more then one copy to try with and have even tried using the Ultimate Boot CD. Without a CD the computer boots into Windows correctly, but with either the Puppy or Ultimate Boot CD in it, it will bring up the Sony symbol and just sit like that for either 10 minutes or until I remove the CD. At which point it will just boot up Windows again. The drive works fine when everything is booted up, so that's not the problem. And it is set to boot from the CD first. SO, I'm stumped. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Bruce Hill 09-10-2007 07:24 PM

Most definitely sounds like a missing bootloader from the CD. Does either one of those CDs boot another computer? Did you check the md5sum of the CD against the md5sum provided for the image from which the CD was burned? Will that computer boot from, say, a genuine piece of junk Windows CD?

michaelk 09-10-2007 08:45 PM

I could not find any information on this laptop other then what you have posted in previous threads. Are you sure PCG-70 is the correct model number. BTW posting the same topic in more then one thread or forum is against the rules.

What application are you using to create the CD from ISO file? Windows can not natively create a bootable CD. You will need Nero, Roxio are something free like isorecorder. If you look at the contents of the CD and just the ISO file then it was not burned correctly. Extracting the contents from the ISO file also will not create a bootable CD.

Chronothread 09-10-2007 09:08 PM

My apologies, the model of the laptop is actually PCG-705. I just missed hitting the five I guess. Anyway, the boot CDs work just fine on any other computer. So they certainly are not the problem. Thanks for the suggestion, but I made sure that was already working right.


posting the same topic in more then one thread or forum is against the rules
I only have posted this question again because it's been weeks and I wasn't very helpful in the way I described things before. I was not trying to make several posts hoping that someone would help one of them. There doesn't happen to be ways I can delete the other posts is there?

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