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true_atlantis 04-27-2004 11:23 PM

kde crash, then other crash, now weird problems
i couldnt really think of a good subject, thats the best i could do... sorry... anyways here is my problem... and what led up to it...

i am running slackware and winxp...

i booted up winxp to get the blue screen a few times and figured nothing of it because i only use it for my schools VPN... then i started up linux(kde 3.2) and everything was fine. later that day i started up linux again, and i logged it to a signal 11 set off by the little panel at the bottom of my computer in kde (forgot what it is called). i restarted and at the log in screen got a signal 11 for the image that shows up behind the logon box. now, i get no crashes, but the image does not show up behind the logon screen, and if i log onto kde, nothing will show up. now comes the weird part.... i can log on to fluxbox, then log off, and then the background image to the logon screen is back, and i can logon to kde just fine. how can i fix this...

the only thing that i have changed in the past week on kde was logging on to init level 4 or 5(i dont remember wich) instead of 3

this is a new laptop from IBM wich was formated when i first got it, and had a bios update when i first got it. i have no idea whats wrong with this... thanks

dopefish 04-28-2004 12:01 AM

Check your home directory for some sort of KDE related file that shouldnt be there. I once had a problem where KDE wouldnt load after a crash i deleted the file in my home directory and it worked fine after that. I forgot what the file was called though.

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