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oryxz 07-24-2005 12:27 AM

Installation of Linux on Acer Aspire 5502NWXMi laptop
Hi all this is my first post over this web.

I just received my Acer laptop model as mentioned in subject. I try to install Mandriva 10.2, the installer works in text mode and installation success. Anyway when I boot the system. My laptop hang at:
Uncompressing Linux.... Success, booting to kernel.

It happened to every distro I have. I also try LiveCD and it doesnt work too.
All of them hang at the same place.
Please help me, Im willing to have linux in my laptop.

aysiu 07-24-2005 12:51 AM

At what speed do you burn your distro CDs? Sometimes if they're burned at too high a rate, the image gets corrupted. I always burn my ISOs at 4x.

oryxz 07-24-2005 07:33 PM

I dont know whether the cd have been burned with 40x speed because i bought it with someone else.
Anyway i have installed that distro on my desktop without any problems. It just my laptop cant install this.
I wondering anything i can do to fix this problem?

TheWeed 09-08-2005 02:07 PM

Any update on success? I have an Acer TravelMate 3212WXMi with the same problem :(
I'm using the debian net install cd. I have installed using the cd with the 2.4 kernel, so now I want to reinstall with 2.6 kernel and I get this problem :(

TheWeed 09-08-2005 03:19 PM

After some tinkering I finally got it working. Use the 'noapci' flag. :)
Now just trying to work out my xorg config

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