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//a4 08-03-2005 07:45 PM

IBM Thinkpad 560x + DSL HD-Install

i have errors by installing DamnSmallLinux on my old Laptop.
This have no CD, only an extern Floppy.

Windows98SE is running...
- i have copy a DSL-Image to D:\
- i have reboot with DSL-Boot-Floppy
- by booting, DSLBoot have detected DSL Image on hda2 and use this
- i open a X-Terminal and run the "cfdisk /dev/hda"
- i create a primary bootable partition type 82 LinuxSwp hda1
- i create a primary partition type 83 Linux hda2
- write, quit
- i type: "mkswap /dev/hda1" - ok
- i type: "swapon /dev/hda2" - error:
"device or recource busy"

The next Prob:
- i type: "dsl-hdinstall" on X-Terminal as "su"
"error by creating filesystem
invalid argument passed to ext2 library while setting up superblock"

What will me tell this?
What can i make?
How can i correct install this on my hd?

Please Help my with first DSL on my old Laptop :-)

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