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siddz777 09-29-2003 09:48 PM

How to change X configration on alinux machine
Hi I have just installed linux 8 on my machine but somehow it did not recognise my graphics card and now it giving me a very low esolution ..please let me know how ccan i change my Xconfigration.

KevinJ 09-29-2003 10:14 PM

They kind of changed things in RH 8.0

There used to be this program called Xconfigurator or something, but now I don't think its still included.

You can edit the "/etc/X11/XF86Config" file by hand: look down at the bottom for a "Section Screen" and "Subsection Display" and change the resolution and color depth. Depth is like 8, 16, or 24 and display should be one of the usual modes like "800x600"

OR, you can run the old "xf86config" program and see if that takes care of it.


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