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yanfaun 09-27-2010 02:40 AM

How can I suspend & hibernate with encrypted lvm?
Hello all,
I followed this guide ,most excellent, I might add, to setup encrypted lvm on my laptop. I am attempting to follow the new pm-utils guide dated August 2010 in order to enable suspend to ram and or hibernate on my laptop. My five questions are enumerated and as follows:

(1) Since I have two swap partitions, how will I know if either one is big enough? Does the encrypted lvm create a bigger swapspace requirement?

(2) I do not know the command to list the size of a vgroup although I have resized them. What is the command to list a vgroup's size?

(3) Does the PM-utils guide apply to encrypted lvm?

(4) Normally, at startup, the system ask for the password to unlock the /dev/mapper. Then the system boots into run level three and awaits a valid login user-name and password. Will the suspend to ram or swap (hibernate) create a situation where I've successfully suspended to ram or to swap, but I cannot boot out of suspend or hibernate due to the system prompting for a username when it should be prompting for the password to the /dev/mapper?

(5) On the kernel line, can I assume that the "resume=/dev/mapper/blah-blah/xxx" goes between the current roo=xxx and "ro vga=788"
Thanks in advance for any help

Meson 09-27-2010 08:44 AM

You should be able to suspend just fine, here's a decent article on hibernate (I've never tried it though... I have full disk encryption, but I've always just stuck to suspend.)

yanfaun 09-28-2010 01:49 AM

Thanks for the response!However, the link does not answer all of my questions.
My instincts were correct. One cannot just add suspend and then add hibernate parameters to the kernel line if one's disk is encrypted. From your link: "To be able to resume after suspending the computer to disk (hibernate), it is required to keep the swap filesystem intact. Therefore, it is required to have a presistent LUKS swap partition, which can be stored on the disk or input manually at startup. Because the resume takes place before the crypttab can be used, it is required to create a hook in mkinitcpio.conf to open the swap LUKS device before resuming."
More questions in addition to above:
(1) Apparently, I have to edit the kernel again, if I want to hibernate, true?

(2) What is the minimum size of the swap partition when enabling hibernate on luks encrypted lvm?

(3) Also, to enable suspend to ram as you have, did you edit your kernel (new hooks?)
(4) Dido for the kernel line of your grub menu, or the append or kernel line in limited I mean Lilo?

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