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Emmazing 01-17-2008 06:19 PM

Having trouble installing Kubuntu using Wubi on my Dell laptop
I downloaded Wubi and ran the program, and I believe that Kubuntu has installed, though I cannot seem to get it to work. After I installed Wubi, I rebooted my computer and saw that I now have a choice to run windows Vista or Kubuntu.I selected Kubuntu and it installed, but when I restarted again and tried to use Kubuntu it didn't work. What happens is that the splash screen comes up and it looks as though Kubuntu is loading, but then after it goes to a black screen with a blinking hyphen and stays there until I turn off my computer, and then it goes back to the splash screen before shutting down. Is there something that I'm supposed to type into the black screen? I can't seem to get to the screen where I need to input my user name and password.
I'm new to this, but all I really wanted to do was dual boot Kubuntu and Vista, because I really don't like Vista but have to have it for school, so I need to leave it on there. I used Wubi because it seemed easy and I didn't want to partition my hard drive and install and have something go wrong and have to reformat.
I'm using a Dell Latitude D620 that came with Windows Vista Ultimate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Miah 01-24-2008 10:27 PM

Kubunto, ubunto, they stop somewhere and jam up on my dell. Never got one to work on my desktop either. I'm viewing this on a dell inspiron 1501 laptop running knoppix 5.0 from a usb key in a virtual window in vista. See pendrivelinux for instructions.I'm using wireless through that virtual window to access the internet.No rebooting windows, no shutdown, nothing left behind in the "any" windows machine- vista here but have used it on XP.

I'm trying to work out windows from a usb. Only one license, use on any computer - only the one copy should be legal. Be nice if I could run the windows on a virtual window in linux. Since quickbooks doesn't run on linux I need windows. Please do not respond with linux equivalents of quicken, I need progressive invoicing, billing, estimates etc. for business, not personal finances.

Of course, some security problems with knoppix- but it always seems to work, even when fedora can't see my hardrive knoppix would work. Function beats cool or anything else!

Miah 01-24-2008 10:42 PM

Sorry, I did not notice the part about not wanting to partition your hardrive. I will mention that the first thing I did when I got my dell was to partition it with QTparted. Though it always worked with XP, Vista died and dell support could not fix it. They said I needed a new hardrive!

Actually, all I had to do was delete the entire drive, partition it with QTparted, and reinstall vista and linux.Everthing worked fine. I learned that you could easily partition the disk with the vista installation disk also. you will need the dell driver cd or go online and download from dell support.

Fedora 6 wdould not see my hd, neither would xandros. Probably the current versions are updated. I have fedora 7 64bit on my desktop, I should try it on my dell notebook.

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