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samccormack 05-15-2005 01:48 AM

Grub on Mod bay hdd on Dell Latitude D600
Hi folks,

I have recently installed Fedora 3 on my Dell Latitude D600 laptop on a modular bay hard drive. The install went ok but I can't get the system to boot fully from the modular drive. I hit F12 at the BIOS and pick the modular bay disk drive and it starts to boot and I am presented with a screen that says "GRUB" and the machine locks. I've installed grub on the boot partition of the modular hdd and linux appears to be in place on the disk (I can boot the rescue mode and see all the files, etc.) but GRUB seems to be very unhappy about something.

I can't mess with my primary drive as it has work stuff on it and messing with it would be.. bad..

Any thoughts?

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