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litlmary 06-08-2005 04:32 PM

Going into standby for warm swap
Question #4.

This one should be easy to anyone who is more familiar with linux on this laptop than I am.

The devices in the modular bay in a Thinkpad 600E can be warm swapped, meaning that they can be changed out when the system is in standby and a safety indicator on the bottom of the machine is off.

In XP its a simple matter of telling the system to go into standby from the shut down dialogue, or even easier, ejecting the device from the Remove Hardware menu on the taskbar (it throws the machine into standby automatically).

I'm sure FC3 has something similar. I can hit Fn+F4 to go into sleep mode, but the indicator is still on. The system isn't going far enough down when I do that.

Easy one, right???


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