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threepintonefourone5 11-18-2005 05:37 PM

Gateway Tablet NewB How Keep XP resize partition then Sarge Install
Gateway Tablet Convertible cx2610 bestbuy $1300
XP tablet edition NTFS i guess

Want- how do I-dual or multiple boot ability in case Debian can't handle a new device mp3 player tablet etc. or driver or I want to exchange some new crappy proprietary file type.

Want- How do I- easiest way to resize current partition for it overly dangerous to use the Bootit NG trial software- is there a Knoppix type disk/linux boot cd with a partition resize software? Don't really want to purchase Partition Magic even though MicroScrooge says NTFS only supported lately....blergh
Then - easiest install, hopefully with tablet and dvd rw drivers or how to find them?
Or should I just buy a separate portable hard drive to boot off of-is this possible with XP tablet and Linux? if so then what is easiest install to portable drive? and is there a digital voice/music recorder player that could function as a separate drive?

Would like to run Debian/Sarge distro...unless of course Pink Hat is better??? any suggestions.

I'm a little bleary from searching posts ...please fill in the questions I should have asked.

Thanks for any help. Sorry I went overboard on the number of questions. The main one is how to get Linux with at least 20gb space running with the Gateway.

Is BestBuy 3yr warranty a joke? the Knoxville,TN salesmen(s)? said it would cover battery and monitor...other site said Gateway says different-(at least concerning the hinge,(may have been an old post warranty wording)???!!! oops that was internal mental shouting/perplexity not physical.
If it doesn't actually cover the battery what is the best legal way to demand justice get money back in this sad world?


Reehan 11-30-2005 02:27 AM

Hi there, I just bought the Gateway CX2610 and I am loving it. I hate windows. Has anyone ever tried installling a linux on a gateway? I have been through 2 other tablets, both gave me problems. So now I am looking for opinions. I hate windows and so should you... Anyways, at the moment, if anyone replies to this, you will be helpin out 2 users at once. If not, my suggestion to the other guy is get a Knoppix cd and try Linux on the laptop before even installing it. Google Knoppix, follow the instructions and you are on your way...

Take care for now,


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