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StevenO 01-22-2006 10:35 PM

Fn-F3 to turn off Laptop Monitor.
I've a Thinkpad running on Slackware.

Anyone managed to use IBM ACPI to turn off thinkpad's monitor on
Slackware via Fn-F3? What are the commands to turn off the thinkpad's
lcd screen? I've looked through /proc/acpi directories and managed to
dish out fan info, temperature info, battery info. I've success on
Fn-F12 to hibernate.

Any pointers appreciated.

(I do not want to use TPB)


db391 01-25-2006 05:25 AM

Although I've never got Fn-F3 to work on mine (Thinkpad T22), do consider compiling the enhanced Thinkpad ACPI support (ibm-acpi) into the kernel. Although it's not fully complete it works great, depending on which Thinkpad you've got. I recommend downloading the latest 2.6 kernel.

If the patches do work then /proc/acpi/ibm/* will appear, and you can edit the scripts in /etc/acpi/ to do the work.

(I can't remember the exact commands, but it's along the lines echo "lcd_off" > /proc/acpi/ibm/lcd)

By the way there is a comprehensive site to consider, where you can find lots of Linux-related information regarding Thinkpads.
The address is:

And the website for the ibm-acpi module? (or for the Linux kernel)

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