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joshurl 03-09-2004 05:33 PM

finding cdrom - slack9.1
im runnning a toshiba prtege 7010ct with a scsi panasonic kxl-807a through a pcmcia card. i changed the bios to load from cdrom and slack 9.1 does boot up. i have set my swap (is double my 96mb ram sufficient?) and set a /usr/local partition of 800mb and a the rest of the 4.2gig for the root partition. i used fdisk to set all partitions. i proceeded to run setup and mount the partitions and set the swap and other partitions as well. i have gotten all the way up to the "source" part of the slackware 9.1 installation and when it attempts to locate media it cannot seem to find my cdrom. do i need some sourt of linux drivers? or do i just need to mount the drive (somehow!?)? im a newbie to linux though i do know quite a few commands well and learned linux (a year ago) on a telnet shell account. i would very much appreciate anyones help/input.
thanks alot....joshearl

oh and i did see the linuxquestions thread in /questions/archive/18/2003/10/4/105403 (not allowed to post links yet)
and thought it might help but im not sure. thanks again

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