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expat 10-21-2006 06:51 AM

File manager shows inaccurate partition size.
I have bought a 100 gb usb mass storage hdd and managed to partition format label mount and add it to /etc/fstab and the results of df -h is correct as follows

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1 9.8G 5.1G 4.8G 52% /
tmpfs 122M 0 122M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda3 18G 4.8G 14G 27% /disks/C
/dev/sda9 15G 33M 15G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition9
/dev/sda8 9.7G 1.9G 7.3G 21% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition8
/dev/sda7 9.7G 33M 9.1G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition7
/dev/sda6 9.7G 33M 9.1G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition6
/dev/sda5 9.7G 33M 9.1G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition5
/dev/sda3 9.7G 33M 9.1G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition3
/dev/sda2 9.7G 33M 9.1G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition2
/dev/sda1 9.7G 33M 9.1G 1% /var/autofs/zip.1/zip.1/partition1

However when i open the file manager it shows all the partitions as files and says the total available space is 14.01 gb and I know this is wrong......I copied a file 1.9 gigs in size to one of the partitions and the file manager still shows 14.01 gb can I correct this?

expat 10-21-2006 10:20 AM

cfdisk 2.12

Disk Drive: /dev/sda
Size: 100030242816 bytes, 100.0 GB
Heads: 255 Sectors per Track: 63 Cylinders: 12161

Name Flags Part Type FS Type [Label] Size (MB)
sda1 Primary Linux ext3 [/downloads] 10487.24
sda2 Primary Linux ext3 [/downloads2] 10487.24
sda3 Primary Linux ext3 [/downloads3] 10479.01
Logical Free Space 8.23
sda5 NC Logical Linux ext3 [/backup] 20966.24
sda6 Logical Linux ext3 [/software] 10487.24
sda7 Logical Linux ext3 [/video] 10487.24
sda8 Logical Linux ext3 [/pictures] 10487.24
sda9 Logical Linux ext3 [/mike] 16138.00

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