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weller 02-08-2008 07:59 AM

fc6 sound card problem(SigmaTel STAC9200),no sound,who can help me?
i have search lots of webs,it is said that we should add the driver.

my notebook is gateway mt3715,and the chip is ati ixp SB450(SigmaTel STAC9200 ),i found the alsa support these chips from,there is no SB450.Oh,does it mean i should wait the driver?

and anybody who have the same problem can help me ?

there is a solution from internet i have try,compile alsa module success and install it .but no effect,so i think the problem is not support SB450.

sorry,my english so bad.

Drakeo 02-08-2008 09:13 AM

did you umute the card and then set the . you can do a alsaconf then it will set the card up if the moudules are there. then you will make sure it is not muted. with your mixer ok.this can be done from a terminal. if you do not know how to use a terminal well sorry. thats in the help files. so you compile it and installed it in your /lib/modules/your-name/ then did a depmod -a then modprobed the module needed. wow then nothing. then do a alsaconf. and then you will see if the module is there to load. second oopen a terminal as root and type alsa then push the tab key this will give you the alsa comands ok yours might be alsawizard or alsasetup or alsaconf. alsaconf is the default for the actual alsa program but other distros use different interface programs and give them different names up grade to fc8 if you like FC6 you might find you will like it better.

weller 02-08-2008 09:37 PM

thank you.i know and unmute the sound ,but no sound.
i use alsaconf and i found it works .when linux startup,it is show that "alsa start ...".
i follow the step from alsa web for the chip SB450,recompile alsa-lib,alsa-util,alsa-driver,
and add these is said that the volume will be set to mute if it scuess.
when i reboot and my volume was set to mute. i think it is sucess.but when i play a mp3 music via realplayer there is no
sound.and inser a cd too.

my pc is gateway mt3715

Drakeo 02-09-2008 07:52 AM

personally i have had no luck with realplayer it is very crude and lacking it comes stripped and dosnt work for me. I use gxine xine amorork. but if you get realplayer to work let me know it is junk but I bet other people have it working i down loaded it installed after I read your stuff and It will not work for me says it will play mp3 but looking in the pluggins for it there not there and I realy hate the fact they built it so bad. real player 8 voted the worst program in 2003 I think next to aol sence you are using the older verision of gxine you need to make sure you have a /usr/lib/win32 folder in there you can go to arch linux down load 10 mbs of codecs and let it play. and see all the different videios if you have a /usr/lib/codecs folder put them in there. good luck . let me know if you can get realplayer to work. I havn't

weller 02-10-2008 08:19 AM

THANK YOU,i have resolved it .
my alsa driver is ...12rc,and i update it to ..15rc,
can you image i hear the sound from the speaker? two days......

i found the problem.i follow a friend's method,he remove the alsa driver and alsa utils.
it is wrong.
i have to reinstall the system,and follow the method from alsa web for SB450,add the patch,compile the alsa driver
and load this module.when i push the button to test sound,oh,excellent!!

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