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CrashTECH 04-05-2005 09:56 AM

FC3 + Pavilion zx5000 notebook + video troubles
Laptop: HP Pavilion zx5000 notebook <-- would post link, but apparently I am not allowed. Anyway, full details on HP site, but here it is in brief:

3.0 ghz P4 HT
1gb DDR Ram
128mb (dedicated) Radeon Mobility 9600
60 gb hard drive
16x dvd/cdrw combo

Distro: Currently FC3 dual booted with XP Pro SP2 using grub

The install was pretty seemless and everything works well. Except for the video. FC detected the correct video card (and ram as far as I can tell) It did not let me pick a monitor type/manufacturer.

I can not set a higher resolution than 800 x 600 (I haven't tried to go lower either, but I assume it would work) I can physically set the resolution to a number of different options, but when I do, the cursor becuase a square box with a morphed patch from the background image and it appears to shift/duplicate everything on the screen (mostly just menus).

I am new to Linux, but not to PCs... what should I do, where should i start to resolve this?

I would like to be able to have FC installed and dual boot the system for school. (CS&E major)


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