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Doug Hutcheson 07-11-2012 02:21 AM

FC17 not suspending on lid close
I have upgraded my Lenovo T61 to FC17 in the last few days. Now the system is not suspending on lid close, although it suspends OK when I click on Suspend in the menu.

An interesting side issue is that FC17 does respond to the lid opening. If I put the system into 'Suspend' mode, then close the lid, the system wakes up when I open the lid. That means that the lid open signal is being caught, but the lid close is currently being ignored. To my twisted little mind, that means it must be something trivial causing the problem of not suspending on lid close.

I asked this question at Fedora Forum and raised it as a bug. It might also be related to this post here at LinuxQuestions. So far, no replies I have received have solved it.

Any help would be appreciated.

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