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Newzat 10-25-2011 07:48 AM

fakeRAID with 10th partition = problem!
After I installed 10th partition to my fakeRAID disk setup, none of the Linux distros see the extended partition and all the partitions in it. Therefore I can't boot any of my installed Linux'es (Ubuntu-Kubuntu-Suse). LiveCD's don't help either! :( Why do I have to delete the last partition I've added (as part of OpenSuse installation).

Windows Vista can see all the partitions successfully, only Linux have this problem.

When I try to boot Ubuntu on extended partition, it fails, it can't see the partition. ls /dev/disk/by-uuid (and by-label) at the recovery prompt confirms this, only the first 3 physical partitions until the extended partition can be seen by Linux. (by-id folder lists all those partitions by the way.)

Update : Gparted, when run from its live cd could see the partitions properly, the same live cd (and file manager) also has the by-uuid problem.

The last partition is mapped like this :

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