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craterburnsyou 06-01-2006 12:47 AM

ExpressCard/54 laptop issues
Ok well, i almost bought this laptop earlier today. Averatec Notebook PC (2260EK1)

• AMD Turion™ 64 MT-32
• 12.1" WXGA display
• 1024MB of DDR333 memory

• 80GB hard drive
• Windows® XP Professional
• Weighs just 4 pounds ect. ect. ect.

It's all perfect for what i need except i scanned down the list of specs before i hit buy and noticed it doesn't have PCMCIA card slot, only an ExpressCard/54, And while i'll be dual booting, i doubt the internal wireless card will work on linux(As they never do) so i have a PCMCIA wireless card (Prism2 based, works great) But i did some reading on ExpressCard/54, which i supprisingly knew little about, and found out that i'm pretty much screwed on using that card. Are there any ExpressCard/54 wifi cards that are linux compatable, OR is there a conversion card or something to use a PCMCIA card in the ExpressCard/54 slot? Google was no help to me, jsut brought up laptops with the slot to buy, no real information.

Thanks ahead of time,

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