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caffemusse 07-06-2005 05:30 AM

dvd drive not found/ install suse 9.2 dvd
Hi, as a newbie I have som q's-
When initiating install for suse linux 9.2 I can easily enter the inst. But after it detects the hardware, my dvd is nowhere to be found.

It is critical because I'd like to continue the install. I also have the dvd iso located on another partition (fat) but when selecting the harddrive, nothing happens. What should I write when it promts me for path to iso- when it is located on hda5 in the root...Installing either way is fine for me!

optical drive I use is:
Hitachi /lg GMA 4080n

on my laptop acer 4651LMi, 1,6 P-m 533fsb, PCI express, Nvidia Geforce go 6600, ddr2 ram (512)

Hope you can help!!!

Thx Caffemusse

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