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toddncl 07-14-2004 11:39 AM

diagnose problems
hi guys, i have recently installed suse9.1 (x86_64) on my lappy and its going well so far after sorting out the mess that yast made of my dual boot partitions. i now have win xp and suse up and running whoo!! i have suse 9.1 running on my pc as well and it seems to run a lot faster on it even though it has a much smaller spec, half the ram for a start! any ides on why this is? im looking at ways to diagnose any problems with my setup to speed up suse. could anyone point me in the right direction please as searching google has lead me round in circles. thanks, as its a new lappy, im assuming the problem is with drivers, how would i be able to tell whats causing the problem so i can then procede to (try to) fix it.



also, is there anyway to get the 'tap' on the touchpad to work again? and is there a 'hibernate' equivilent in linux?

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