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ambelos 02-23-2004 09:59 AM

Dell Inspiron 8000
hey guys. i have dell inspiron 8000, 850 mghtz, 128mb, 20 gigs, and i think a 32mb video card. running RH8, soon to be upgraded to RH9

i need to upgrade this laptop, but i need your help:

1) memory: i found 256 chip for $74. exactly what is this chip called, so when i go to another site, or store, i can just tell someone, "i need a 256 XXXX memory chip".

2)cpu: is it possible for me to get a new/refurbished cpu? if i can, were do i get it from and what kind should i be looking for. keep in mind this is a laptop, so is there a special type for each laptop? or are they all the same size/universal?

3)video card: what kind of video card should i get, i want to be able to play games like WarCraft(opengl) and such. i know video cards are redibly available, but, again, i don't know what kind/type i need for my laptop and which would work best with linux.

i don't rem what kind of video card i have, exactly, so i was wondering if there is a way i could find out, instead of calling dell and asking them to look me up.


Alex_jacobson 02-23-2004 02:35 PM

Well I don,t think you can change your CPU and your graphics card, remember that a laptop is always built to be small so pieces can be solded together... I got a Dell Latitude and I can't change anything except for the RAM..

Hope that helps...

:jawa: <--- he's cool !

ambelos 02-23-2004 06:38 PM

i think u might be right, for most cases, but i think in this case, i should be able to replace my video card. after all, the original one was just replaced not too long ago. and the cpu i know for sure can be replaced, because i've taken it out before. i've talked to the guy that dell contracts out, and he told me to look around for parts on ebay and stuff, buti haven't realy found any cpus for it, yet, and was wondering if there was anyone with exp. with this stuff to let me know if the dell cpus are universal to dell? and if dell ever used a better video card over the years that i might be able to use in mine. mine is about 3 years old this month(i know cause dell told me my 3 wrty just ran out :-D).

does anyone have a suggestion on where to get better memmory for my dollar?



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