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ibex 05-14-2006 10:28 AM

Dell c800 -- SUSE distros COMPATIBILITY
I have been trying to locate some info about DELL Latitude C800 COMPATIBILITY with the newest SUSE distros. I run 10.1.b9 on my
desktop and I wonder whether it would run on this laptop
I am buying. Any helpful hints/advice?
All the best out there and thanks a lot

Jerre Cope 05-14-2006 11:19 PM

I'm running OpenSUSE 10 on a Latitude C810. I had to fiddle with the NVida driver a bit to tell it the resoultion for the screen : Dell Laptop resolution for nvidia is 1600x1200

It's a great match.

ibex 05-15-2006 04:48 AM

Hi Jerre!

Do you mean that my laptop probably has an NVidia card?
You know, I have not got it yet - but if this is the case
I would be grateful if you could pass me a link to help me
find this driver (it's probably at Dell's site - isn't it?).

What's your feeling: would it run happily with only 256Mb of RAM?


Jerre Cope 05-15-2006 10:00 AM

Yes my C810 is running fine on that. I used YaST to setup half the disk as an ecrypted loopback drive to keep my /home directories on so my browser history is safe if/when the laptop is stolen. Speed is much faster than I expected.

YOU offers to download the NVidia driver. It does it after the installation because of the NVidia license. After the download and install, it guessed the wrong screen resolution, but I just used YaST to fix it once I guessed the correct resolution. It was much higher than I thought.

The C810 can hold two batteries. I found a place on e-bay that sells new ones for ~30 bucks. I ran it 8-10 hours the other day to check the accuracy of battery meter on the task bar.

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