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dezza 11-14-2004 05:42 AM

Dell 510M 2.6 kernels won't boot [SOLVED]
I've just installed the newest 2.6.9 kernel on my Dell 510M laptop with the Con Kolivas (ck) patchset and supermount.

But when lilo boots it up it just says "Loading Linux-2.6.9-ck3..........................." and then it just returns to the lilo menu and if i select it manually by pressing enter on it, it just hangs.

I would be really happy if you would help me out here, say if you need anything like lilo.conf ..

And btw, the 2.4.26 standard slack10 kernel works fine.

Christoffer aka. dezza

-- [SOLVED] --

Solution is simple, i reran lilo another time and it worked magically!

joe83 11-14-2004 10:04 AM

What filesystem are you using? If reiserfs, create a initrd script:
cd /boot
mkinitrd -c -k 2.6.9 -m reiserfs
then add this line to lilo.conf:
initrd = initrd.gz
more info at:


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