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neillans 05-22-2004 08:24 AM

Debian Testing, 2.6.5 Kernel, Modules
Just got myself a fancy new laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro A10.

The actual install of Debian (Testing net install cd) went fine, and almost everything worked 'out of the box'.

On upgrading the kernel, however, everything broke...
Upgraded to : 2.6.5 using Debian provided image (apt-get installed).

Mouse, sound and network dropped.

I know the modules that need to be loaded, and I know everything works once they are (can load them by hand), but I need to automate it all while the machine boots -- this is where I get stuck...

The modules are:

For the mouse:

For the sound:

For the network:

How can I auto load these at boot time??

On another note, is there an acpi applet that will show the battery status in kde?


nanofa 05-22-2004 10:29 AM

I think that you should type them in /etc/modules.preload (Suse or Mandrake I do not remember properly) and redhat /etc/modprobe.config

Anyway with 2.6 kernel these things are easier to use but is difficult for me to find information for dummies about where and how we should do these stuff

Hope this helps

Juan Antonio

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