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flake 02-01-2013 06:56 PM

Control_R + Up = PageUp
my HP mini 110 doesnt have pageup, pagedown, end or home keys among many others.. and FN key is not properly coded in bios so there is no way to get pageup or pagedown.

so I did changes with loadkeys:
keycode 103 = Up
control keycode 103 = Prior
control shift keycode 103 = Scroll_Backward
.. etc

now, is there a way to do the same under X?
Ive spent all day reading manuals and searching in the web but nothing.
maybe this is not possible with xmodmap?

please , help me. I think this would be very interesting for many laptop users. thanks

PS: Its important only use Right Control, so really (i just realized now) loadkey injection is not valid yet (almost is possible)

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