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davisw 05-02-2007 09:31 AM

connecting to the internet wirelessly
I recently installed fedora on my computer. I want to connect to my wireless network but my card that is built in to my computer isnt being detected. What can i do?
I have a toshiba satelite A105. Yea im a newb so it would help to give a lot of detail and maybe why.

camorri 05-02-2007 10:01 AM

You need to find out what wireless chip set you have. There are several ways to do that. Open a konsole and run as root 'lspci' and look for your wireless card information. Post what you find.
If you can boot winders, look and the information provided there. Since it is a system provided by a major manufacturer, go to their web site and look for the hardware documentation. In there you should be able to find all the specs on your system including the wireless hardware.

Once we know what you have, we can determine if there is a native linux driver or not. If there is, you use the command 'modprobe' to load it. Then you configure it.

If there is no linux native driver, then the last option is using ndiswrapper. Ndiswrapper is used to load winders drivers in linux. Then you configure and activate.

It all starts with the research.

davisw 05-02-2007 02:11 PM

why isnt it beign detected? could that mean that it is not compatible with linux? what do you mean by whether there is a linux native driver or not? so this program ndiswrapper will make my card compatible or wat? just some newb questions

michaelk 05-02-2007 02:32 PM

Some manufactures do not proivide a linux driver (what we mean by native) or do not release their hardware specifications. ndiswrapper implements the Windows kernel API and NDIS within the Linux kernel. The windows driver is then linked to this implementation so that the driver runs natively. So ndiswrapper will make your network card compatable.

It appears this laptop uses is a 3945ABG. Much info can be found by searching this site. Post the output of the console command lspci to verify.

davisw 05-02-2007 02:55 PM

my computer number is A1050-S4384. But on the toshiba wesite it only has A105-S4397. Is that the same? I think this is the card:Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g). What does camorri mean by konsole? Terminal?

michaelk 05-02-2007 04:03 PM

A virtual terminal window aka command line interface (CLI) where you would enter commands. Click on the monitor icon in the task bar to open a terminal window.

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