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PClOStinspace 06-14-2008 06:19 AM

Clevo D900T - Any opinions appreciated!
I am looking to get hold of a desktop replacement laptop. I want to use it at home for Video, Audio, web etc but also use it for work. My work will require a VM running windoz as I do a lot in ACAD (if anyone knows how to get this running natively in linux, please do share the knowledge, i'd love to erase all trace of gates) as well as 3d rendering and BIG calculations in 3D modeling software.

I have been looking around for a 'proper powerhouse' for a while now, and have stumbled upon the Clevo D900T by way of the M-tech re-branded version.

My question is:-

A. Does anyone have any experience of this kind of use of this machine?

B. If I decide to go for it, where can I source one most easily and least expensively in the UK?

- I will be looking to use PCLOS with KDE and compiz again if it makes a difference to anything-

Many thanks in advance.

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