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zen0n 08-18-2005 01:38 PM

change ipw220 interface name from eth1 to wlan0
Nothing too critical but would like to change my wireless nic's interface from from eth1 to wlan0. It would just make things a bit more clear. I'm running debian testing right now.

Not sure if it's somthing thats coded in the driver or if it's a configurable attribute.


Half_Elf 08-23-2005 01:27 PM

I believe this is coded in the driver, I doubt there is a way to change this, unless you want to code :(

Still, I'm not quite sure... maybe it's possible to create an alias or something like this.

zen0n 08-23-2005 01:51 PM

I figured out a way to do this but just forgot to post the solution to my own post.

You need to install the net-tools package i believe and use the command nameif. Basically you create a file /etc/mactab with the first column the name you want the interface and the second the mac address of said interface. then bring down all interfaces and run /sbin/nameif. Now just reconfigure your network scripts and you should be able to bring up your new interface names.

Here is my mactab

eth0    00:12:79:XX:XX:XX
wlan0  00:0E:35:XX:XX:XX

if you want this to happen on every boot, just modify /etc/init.d/networking, in the start section before the interfaces are brought up just add /sbin/nameif and you should be ok.


Half_Elf 08-23-2005 01:55 PM


Really interesting, I'm going to use this trick as well :)

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