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jazzor 12-10-2007 04:38 AM

Asus w7j + Xorg Keyboard
I have a Asus w7j Laptop.

Everything works fine except the keyboard. Laptop keyboards dont usually have a numlock, and as such the numpad keys require a Fn button. But this particular laptop does have a numlock, and when the computer starts in the terminal its usually off and all the letters that also have the numpad numbers on them (U, I, O, J, K, L etc) work fine.

That is until i start the window manager (xorg). This happens in gnome and kde: all the letter with number buttons turn to their numbers instead of the normal letters. Normally a simple solution would be to turn off the numlock, however when i do that, the keys act as if they are ACTUAL numpad keys and instead of being able to type letters, the UIOJKL etc keys become directional arrows home, insert etc. The result is the inability to type the letters with numbers on them, very very annoying.

Is there some proper keyboard layout that is required for asus laptops? This has never happened on other laptops before, and the default 105 key US layout worked fine.

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