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rowan2 07-11-2006 03:00 PM

alter certain display settings from console
Ok. so first off I punched my laptop screen. Stupid? Yes. But I'm past that now. So it broke. I had another monitor so I hooked that up via the serial port but it wouldn't work. (unknown to me was the little function key that alows switching between lcd and standard monitors) So, thinking it had something to do with my internal settings, and using the tiny corner of broken laptop screen that I could see into I went into my display settings, (this is mandrake by the way) and changed the monitor. I then restarted like it told me to. Now I know all I had to do was press that function key but at the time I was hoping it would work. And it partially did. Now that I know about the function key the monitor works, the problem is I can't initiallize X at all because of some problem with my config file undoubtedly caused by my change. So, what I need to know is how to either change the config file back or do something else to change my display settings back to what they were before I stupidly changed them, and I only have access to the console.

chrisortiz 07-11-2006 08:41 PM

to build a new config file run "xorgsetup"

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