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mmaheshwary 02-08-2005 09:48 PM

ACPI module for Toshiba

I have the full version of SUSE 9.2 Professional installed on my Toshiba Satellite A65 S126 notebook. When I installed it it came with the fnfx package for my Fn key, but fnfx needs the Toshiba module in /proc/acpi, and that module was not installed in my kernel. I did some search but could not find it. Can anyone tell me how to install/activate the Toshiba module in my ACPI?


XavierP 02-09-2005 03:24 AM

You need to recompile your kernel and add in the Toshiba modules. SuSE has a number of help files on the site and, I believe, they have a kernel recompile guide.

Kwast & Co 02-09-2005 09:50 AM

The Toshiba A65 or A60 does not have a Toshiba BIOS , so the toshiba_acpi driver will not load.

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mmaheshwary 02-09-2005 10:33 AM


Is there any way I can atleast reduce the brightness? I also have a Windows partition, so I am not that worried about other functions. However, I do need to reduce the brightness when I am using Linux.


XavierP 02-09-2005 11:16 AM

This link may help: - although it's for Gentoo, somethings are not particular to any one distro.

mmaheshwary 02-10-2005 12:08 AM

Thanks for the link. I went through it, but I couldn't find any information that would configure the brightness of my screen. Is there any other way?


gnulinuxman 03-07-2006 07:18 PM

I am looking for info on this too..... I have an A65-S126 (WITHOUT WINDOWS AT ALL!!!) and can't find any info on doing this once the system is running. However, I have a solution.

If you just want the screen dimmer in Linux, do this:

1. When turning on your computer, hold down F2 until you see "Check system, then press F1 to continue" (or something like that). Release it and press F1.

2. You're now in the TOTALLY UNDOCUMENTED BIOS Setup program. Go to the power area and press Space until you see "User Defined". Then set the options to what you like them to be (they're not very effective). One of them is screen brightness.

3. When you're done tweaking, press End and then Y to save.

Unfortunately, the screen brightness setting doesn't stick. You need to do the hold F2, press F1, press End, press Y stunt every time you boot, but it does work.... Anybody have any info on getting brightness controls to work within the OS on an A65?

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