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Traian 07-03-2007 01:07 PM

Acer Aspire 5610
This laptop has a proprietary driver for the hda.(SCSI, Raid) The original (Wista) partitioning schema was :hidden partition 6GiB, and the remaining 112GiB was 50% (system) and 50% (DATA). Can someone tell me where I can take a driver for XP(!!). I'd like to have dual boot. Now, I have a Mepis distro working on that laptop, and I had a PCLinux and a Underground.
The HDD is a Hitachi HTS54121, revision 4.0

additional note: none of distros I've tried with kernel lower than 2.6.18 in LiveCD form could start the computer.I think it was a problem with initrd, but this is a question for proffesionals.

Lenard 07-03-2007 05:41 PM


Traian 07-04-2007 12:59 PM

Thank You, mr. Lenard

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