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shamz 08-22-2004 06:34 AM

3d not working on sis 650 graphics card
hi can any one help me i got an asus m2000 series laptop has a sis 650 chip graphics card . i'm having a problem activating 3d .i cannot play tux racer or any other game which needs 3d graphics..i' am running linux suse 9.0 as my distro
can any one plz help me or give me suggestions on making 3d work ..
many thankz

ugenn 08-22-2004 08:26 AM

*sob sob*

divzero 08-23-2004 07:21 PM

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Sorry, but you probably won't be able to get this working, I don't know of anyone who has. To be quite honest, the card's windows OpenGL drivers are bad as it is. Next time, make sure you buy linux supported hardware (I learnt this the hard way too). Mac OS X is a good choice if you want a unix OS with no hardware issues (more relevent for laptops than PC's).


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