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digital8doug 09-30-2006 03:12 PM

10A4 oSUSE; Unable to perform Internet Install fm Verified CD. Lack 2915 WiFi USR5410
openSuse releases still not including WiFI Support? *Q1* Why SUSE10.1 not offer a respin DVD (Inet ISO) after making fixes for the last release fiasco.
*Use Network device: FTP, HTTP, NFS, SMB/CIFS (Window Share) or TFTP? *Q2* Which option should use? Trying to install using WiFi @ public Library.
DHCP = Automatic
WARNING Unable to establish DHCP configuration.

I have booted into XP pro from a recent DL of `10.2A4 install from Internet CD' numerous times, Verify CD =OK.
But when I tried to complete a new installation of 102a4 from the Internet I have no luck. Tried HTTP, TFTP and the 1st failure was NFS (default).
Was hoping Suse release would finally have WiFi Mobile support included for Intel 2915 * mini-PCI card.* (or USR 5410 PCMCIA) and would work one or the other so that I could try an Install from Internet option. No Luck. Guess I will go back to trying fc6 test3 version of a distro which does offer respun DVD for download from Internet.
Did I pick wrong Network Device? The help on my DT versions of 10.1, 32 or 64, do not appear to have the information either.

Bill TY will Check out KNemo-the KDE Network Monitor KNemo offers a network monitor similar to the
one found in Windows. For every network interface it displays an icon in the systray

SlackerLX 10-01-2006 08:49 AM

Try researching. ;)
OK, anyway. Shipped with KDE, SUSE 10.1 has useful applet which is called "KNetworkManager". It starts with OS and automaticly detects all wireless connections within your area.

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