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kaz2100 05-11-2007 08:01 PM

Why momory card via pc-card slot NON-removable?

Question is: Why memory card (compact flush) via pc-card slot NON-removable (by udev)? (Debian etch)

In other words. Why /sys/block/(drive)/removable is zero? Memory card is recognized by udev, and can be mounted by conventional "mount -t vfat /dev/(whatever) /mnt/(wherever)", but not by "pmount"

For some reason, /etc/pmount.allow does not work. Card is recognized as /dev/hda1, so /dev/hda and /dev/hda1 are added to /etc/pmount.allow, but it does not work. (I do not have enough money, so I cannot afford USB card readers.:cry:)

So, I am about to tweak rules which udev follows. But I am wondering if there is any reason for this.... Am I running into some side effects (or security holes) ????

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kaz2100 07-31-2007 11:30 AM



That non-removable is NOT set by udev. I have not found rule yet.

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kaz2100 11-15-2007 02:45 PM


self reply:

Also, disk drive connected through firewire is not recognised. Situation is same, not recognized by Xfce4 (most probably not by hal.) I somewhat think that following two sites say "TODO" on firewire and that my issue is same origin.

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