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Quakeboy02 12-11-2009 01:08 PM

Screen freezes on kernel and above
I've tried several kernel versions above and they all intermittently freeze my screen. Unfortunately, I haven't taken the time to see if it's just a screen freeze or a complete kernel halt. Other than the obvious (put in .9 and check from another machine after a freeze) what direction should I take to try to find this? I've looked through the changelog for .9 and it appears to be mostly USB, alsa, and dm that were changed. Is there an easy way for me to do a complete diff between .8 and .9 source? I was kind of thinking of putting in the changes file by file until it recurred, lacking any other ideas at the moment.

My system is:
ECS 7050M-M motherboard with AMD Phenom
32 bit kernel
NVIDIA 7300 video card
ancient Hauppauge video card that doesn't seem to impact problem
Usual mix of PATA and SATA drives
ProView PL-916S LCD display
Debian Lenny with PAE enabled running Gnome driver 180.51 but I've tried earlier drivers as well

jiobo 12-11-2009 03:28 PM

At what point does the screen freeze? If it freezes after you try to login from the main login screen, then you could need to reconfigure the Xserver. Try to boot to a console and run xorgconf or similar for your Linux distribution using the right settings for your monitor.

Where are you getting the kernel? Are you building it with old config?

Quakeboy02 12-11-2009 03:38 PM

It freezes at random. I can't point to anything and say "when I do this, it freezes". Mostly I'm just using firefox, but it's hard to believe that firefox would be sensitive to which kernel I'm using.

The kernel is from, just like the other kernels I have installed. I built it by running "make oldconfig", answering whatever questions there were (usually with default), and then running this script.

make-kpkg clean
fakeroot make-kpkg --append_to_version -k8 --revision=0.1 --initrd kernel_image

the trooper 12-12-2009 02:38 PM

As you are running Lenny have you considered trying the Debian 2.6.30 kernel from backports?.
So you can see if you still get the same problem with a Debian kernel,rather than one you have compiled.
Might eliminate the kernel from the diagnosis.
Anyway,just a thought.

Quakeboy02 12-12-2009 03:20 PM

Last night, I decided to just skip all the way up to current on, which is 2.6.32. So far it hasn't crashed like it was doing on and 2.6.29. I have my fingers crossed. :)

the trooper 12-12-2009 03:34 PM

Ok,good luck.
I'll be interested to hear if the most recent kernel cures the problem for you.

Quakeboy02 12-12-2009 11:22 PM

I'll give it a few days and I'll post back. So far, so good.

Quakeboy02 12-17-2009 11:59 PM

OK, well it looks like whatever the problem was, they've fixed it by 2.6.32, so I'll mark this one solved.

Well, it finally froze up. So back to :(

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