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Cr0wb4r 05-18-2011 03:40 PM

Real Time vs Low Latency Kernel on Xubuntu

I am using Xubuntu 11.04. I spend a majority of my time using Blender 2.57, gimp, and other similar programs. I am roughly following the slacker-media guide at to setup a similar Xubuntu work station.

I came across a part about a real time kernel, which I found interesting. I have compiled my own kernel many times (Gentoo rocks) so I am not afraid to do that. While doing some research I noticed that the RT Kernels are no longer supported, and that a newer thing called low latency kernels are being implemented.

So my question is, should I get a low latency kernel over a real time kernel? If so, how do I set certain applications to have "real time" or the lowest latency possible? With the rt-kernel it seemed you used an additional program to give the program of your choice (for example Blender) "real time" priority. Does it work the same way with a low latency kernel?

nini09 05-24-2011 02:18 PM

The following link maybe can help you.

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