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read and write position

I am looking for read and write position in kernel.

1-I want to manipulate data that user enter just before kernel writes it to disk and

2-I want to manipulate (recover the original data) user data that stored in disk(in first step) just after read from disk and before show to user.

You know! like encrypt and decrypt user data with xor.

Can everyone tell me please where is related functions and where is the exact position to do it in linux kernel(if you can)?

with many thanks.

linosaurusroot 12-12-2012 06:05 AM

Without trying to dodge the question exactly; if you're planning to make changes like that you'd better first get good enough at reading the source that you can find the right places by yourself. Reading the source, searching it for relevant strings, following activity from one function to another are all steps you will want to carry out.

And there's much more to disk encryption requirements than xor (not that it's the concern right now - better do one thing at a time).

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