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virtualproduce 05-28-2009 01:17 PM

problem boot into my existing vista
Hello ,
I receintly used the virtualbox to boot into my existing vista but after selecting vista in grub it shows the following error :

error 13 : invalid or unsupported executable format

any help is appreciated.

saikee 05-28-2009 01:26 PM

THat means Vista has no boot loader installed and cannot be chainloaded. That Vista must be booted by another M$ partition somewhere where its bootmgr resides. Grub can chainload that booting partition.

virtualproduce 05-28-2009 02:05 PM

some advance ...
the problem was when "rootnoverify (hd0,0)" , by changing it to "rootnoverify (hd0,4)" - because my vista is in /dev/sda5 - it displays "error 25 : disk read error"
but another option that I used was "root (hd0,4)" and it freezes the screen by the sentence "Starting up ... "
I think it's some primary steps of loading vista

but steel I don't know what should I do to solve this problem

virtualproduce 05-28-2009 03:12 PM

I realized that the system is steel in grub and the "starting up ..." term resides in the grub

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