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rashyd80 07-18-2010 04:33 AM

mdio function not called.. =(
hi, the below is my original question in newbie area which nobody answers yet, unfortunately =(. Here's my early findings: Linux kernel require new devices to be added into its device list so that the device-driver matching is successful thus calling .probe. My driver MDIO works well on uBoot, however still having some issues at the kernel side. Here's another q:

1. Is /driver/net/fs_enet works for mpc8560 based cpm2-fcc? The comments in the code only stated that it only support mpc82xx & 8xx mpc. I am referring to the cpm-fcc driver overhere which is to be configured as fast ethernet, in simple work, the driver in /fs_enet, is it workable for mpc8560 fcc-1?

2. The /driver/net/fs_enet driver is using bitbang based phy control. will it straightforwardly work if it is to be used with another type of phy? which is not on the list?


Hi, newbie here.
am writing mdio driver for mpc8560 for a new phy. I am referring to gianfar driver codes which is for gigabyte ethernet and some freescale fcc ethernet driver for mpc8540 cpm (which i need to port it to mpc8560 cpm, not sure if they are reusable), but here's my problem. A modular driver is reference and modified (not shown) as below:

static int __init fs_init(void)
/* let's insert mii stuff */
r = fs_enet_mdio_bb_init()

if (r != 0) {
"BB PHY init failed.\n");
return r;
r = driver_register(&fs_enet_fcc_driver);
if (r != 0)
goto err;


static struct device_driver fs_enet_bb_mdio_driver = {
.name = "fsl-bb-mdio",
.bus = &platform_bus_type,
.probe = fs_enet_mdio_probe,
.remove = fs_enet_mdio_remove,

int fs_enet_mdio_bb_init(void)
return driver_register(&fs_enet_bb_mdio_driver);

my understanding is that once the driver registered, the probe will be called though im not sure what is happening in the background. However, in my testing, eventhough the above fs_enet_mdio_bb_init() is called, the fs_enet_mdio_probe() is not called.

Can anybody explains why is this happening? would be helpful if anybody could explain how the registration triggers the probe??

unSpawn 07-18-2010 05:11 AM

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