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raklo 09-20-2006 04:53 AM

kernel hangs at "Freeing unused kernel memory :126k"
i wanna boot an sbc in linux,i m using kernel 2.4.24-xfs kernel image,and i m also using a custom made file system,initrd,and i m using Grub boot loader,my grub.conf file looks like


default 0
timeout 5
title R&D FC
      root (hd0,0)
      kernel /boot/vmlinuz ram_disksize=100000 root=/dev/hdc1 rw init=/sbin/init
      initrd /boot/initrd.gz

I have loaded the rootfilesystem n everything else ona Compact flash card.
My booting starts but then it hangs at hte line

"Freeing unused kernel memory:126k"
Ideally just after this step the init is supposed to start
but probably my system is not getting init.
my init is at /sbin/init as given in grub.conf
wot can be the problem


xhlxhl 09-22-2006 09:14 PM

I met the same problem with you,and I haven't solve it yet.I saw something in"Unsynced TSC support
This option is used for getting Linux to run on a NUMA multi-node
boxes, laptops and other systems suffering from unsynced TSCs or
TSC drift, which can cause gettimeofday to return non-monotonic values.
Choosing this option will disable the CONFIG_X86_TSC optimization,
and allows you to then specify "notsc" as a boot option regardless of
which processor you have compiled for.

NOTE: If your system hangs when init should run, you are probably
using a i686 compiled glibc which reads the TSC without checking for
availability. Boot without "notsc" and install a i386 compiled glibc
to solve the problem.

If unsure, say N."
I hope this could help you.If you solved your problem,can you tell me how you do with it?

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